Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Things That Are Awesome" Thursdays, #4

This week, I am in love with Elly MacKay, a Canadian artist based out of Ontario. Elly runs the shop Theater Clouds on Etsy, and I really can't say enough about the beautiful prints she sells there. My favorite piece to date is "The Fox Family of Lilac Glen," otherwise known as "Flash Flood" on her Flickr photostream. I'll be the first to admit that my recent obsession with foxes has made me partial to this piece, but I also just love Elly's illustrative style. I'm so impressed with the water effect she achieved in this image.

Image property of Elly MacKay

I relate easily to Elly's process, coming from a theatrical background. I've made several stage models myself (see below for my design of Shakespeare's "The Tempest"), and I can certainly attest to the exhausting amount of time and care that goes into this kind of work! Elly's end result is strengthened by her use of light, as well as her ability to skillfully photograph each piece. If I were to attempt this kind of work (and I'd really love to try), I think I'd need a photography refresher first--and maybe some lighting inspiration from some of my design-tech friends.

Set model, "The Tempest." Joa Stenning, 2009

Set model close-up, "The Tempest." Joa Stenning 2009

For a more detailed description of Elly's process, click here!

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