Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Watercolor Wednesdays, #2

Since Julie's on tour these days, nobody's around to keep me in line and make sure I meet my deadlines for this project. "Watercolor Wednesday" has become "Watercolor Whenever-The-Hell-I-Get-Around-To-It Day." In true Joa Stenning form, I've also taken on a few holiday projects that are taking up a bit more time than I'd planned for. Figure in all of the work I need to do to start generating sales in my Etsy shop, and I'd say that I've got a full plate. Once, when I was propping a show at Emerson College, my professor Ron DeMarco described my work as "trying to make a pizza and dribble a basketball while skateboarding." December seems to be headed in that direction already! But I digress--you can find my (and Julie's) finished watercolor challenges by visiting our Tumblr, here.

I also did an extra watercolor this week, for my parents' Christmas card. It's a portrait of our house, in Wilbraham, MA. My mother was really disappointed when the hurricane took out these oak & dogwood trees, so I wanted to make sure to include them. The portrait over-all came out a bit cartoon-y, but I like it! It definitely captures the warm, cozy feel of our little cape.

Watercolor, pen & ink. Joa Stenning, 2011.

I'm having these printed over at with the message "Season's Greetings from the Stennings" inside. I highly recommend for anyone who's considering making their own greeting cards, business cards, bookmarks, magnets, or other materials from their own photos/artwork. The system is incredibly easy to use, products are pretty reasonably priced, and the print quality is just gorgeous!

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